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We invite you to choose our graduate degree program: "Philosophy and Culture of East-Central Europe - Experience and Thought" (PCE-CE). We address this program to foreign students from all over the world (and also from Poland) who want to pursue their Master's degree in our country, become familiar with its history and culture, make new friends, and embark on an interesting existential and intellectual adventure.



What is "Philosophy and Culture of East-Central Europe - Experience and Thought"?

One of Master’s degree programs in philosophy offered at the Institute of Philosophy, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw (Poland) - addressed to all graduate students interested in getting to know the philosophical-cultural legacy of Central and Eastern Europe. The studies provide an opportunity to become familiar with the experience and thought of the people of this region as well as to gain knowledge, skills and competencies related thematically to the philosophy and culture of Central and Eastern Europe.

The program leads to a master's degree in philosophy.

All the lectures and classes are conducted in English.

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What is unique in our program?

A unique feature of the program will be the presentation of the role of processes, which for many centuries have shaped the identity and culture of Central and Eastern Europe. The teachers will be philosophers and other academics representing the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, including Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic and Hungary.

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The program includes a number of visits to various cultural centers (museums, exhibitions, etc.), located in Warsaw.

Classes are carried out partly on-site and partly through e-learning.

Some scholarships are available to cover accommodation and catering expenses for candidates from abroad who are the first to be enrolled in the program.

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The program is certified by Polish Accreditation Committee and has a certificate of "Studies of the Future" awarded by the Foundation for the Development of Schooling and Higher Education.

Some of the classes will involve the employment of multimedia techniques as well as the equipment of a radio studio – the headquarters of philosophical radio station "Sed Contra".

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What do we offer?

  • Short periods of compulsory stay on-site: 9-12 weeks per semester.
  • Interesting classes and lecturers from many countries.
  • Comfortable conditions of stay.
  • Scholarships for those who sign up quickly and are admitted.
  • Tutorial assistance during the studies.

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When do we start?

Actual enrolment for the program is planned to begin on May 2019.

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Join us!


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